Status eingelöst
Auto 2CV6 Charleston
ccm 602
Farbe: bordeaux/schwarz
Inv.: 12.3.2008
km 3400
Erster Motor: Ja
CH-Stamm-Nummer: 199.563.877
Rahmen-Nummer: VF7AZKA 00KA241474
Kontrollschild: ZH733565
Standortkanton: ZH
Besonderes Im Besitz seit 2007
Einsatzart: selten (Sammelobjekt)
Extras Erstzulassung 2008!
Besitzer Biasutti Daniel

Geschichte The interesting bit is that the world is a small place with the internet and someone half a world away finds his dream car in Switzerland. I had been looking for about 18 months and initially found a Charlestone in Lugano but by the time I got sombody organised to have a look at it, it had been sold. The car had some 75,000km but "looked" in good condition....? However, since it had passed inspection by the "verkehrsamt" I was confident that it was in reasonable condition. Anyway, I keept looking and when I spotted an add claiming that the 87 Charleston was "Fabrickneu" with 50Km on the oddometer and never registered I acted quickly to send my cousin to Winterthur. He promptly confirmed that the car was indeed in perfect condition and had been fitted with new tyres and battery. I rang the private owner and we negotiated terms, including a full service by Citroen and all the paperwork from the "Strassenverkehrsamt" as I will not have the time to waste as this time I will only be in Switzerland for a short time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- April 2008 -- I'm happy to report that my expectations have been exceeded in every respect in regards to the 2CV Charleston. The car was indeed brand new with 170 delivery Km on the clock. Now, after 5 blissful weeks it has reached 3400km without any problems and is safely back with the original owner waiting for our next visit hopefully with better weather awaiting us. __________________________________________________________ I was born in Zurich in 1950 and went to the Strickhof. I intended to study fruther at the tropical institute of Switzerland but needed English. To learn English I left in 1972 for Australia and stayed after spending time in the tropices of northern Australia. It no longer made sense to study tropical agriculture in Switzeland of all place. I fell in love with the country and its people on day one and it has been very good to me that I now at age 58 can retire early. It is for my retirement that I have been looking to find my dream car. I have a 1974 Porsche Targa and a 1990 Mercedes Benz but I know that I will have more fun in the 2CV.